Weed Control Service


Green & Grow has been providing top quality, low cost weed control services in Central Kentucky since 2006.Green & Grow has been providing quality, low cost, environmentally responsible weed control service since 2006.  Some people call for professional weed control service only when they see weeds pop up in their yard.  The trouble is that a one-time post treatment only kills existing weeds.  That’s why Green & Grow takes down existing weeds and prevents new seeds from taking root. 

Weeds are more than simply unattractive.  They’re a threat to the overall health of your lawn.  If you don’t treat weeds proactively, they can quickly spread and cause major damage.  Before you make a move, it’s important to understand the different types of weeds that you’re facing.  That’s where our Green & Grow weed control service comes in.  Weeds that show up in lawns are generally grassy or broadleaf.  Grassy weeds look similar to actual grass and grow under the same conditions.  Broadleaf weeds have a wider leaf and sometimes even flower, like wild violets and dandelions.

Weeds can also be annuals or perennials.  Annual weeds typically grow multiple times during the year.  Perennial weeds grow back each year and can be harder to treat since they tend to get more established in lawns.  Weeds also grow during different times of the year.  Warm-season weeds thrive in spring and summer.  Cool-season weeds flourish from fall to spring.  Green & Grow has the proven products and leading-edge equipment to control and suppress weeds in your lawn.

It has been estimated that homeowners spend an average of 4.5 hours a month pulling weeds.  Save yourself the hassle by putting Green & Grow to work for you.  Let our weed control experts handle all your weed worries.  We use environmentally friendly products personalized to your specific needs.  Our team knows how to use the right balance of products to get rid of weeds and produce a healthy, green lawn.  Our weed control services at Green & Grow include a complete analysis of your property to identify the existing types of weeds and develope a safe removal and treatment strategy that reduces and eliminates future weed growth. 

Locally owned and operated, Green & Grow offers the weed control service needed to sort out weeds from the desired growth.  The products we use will treat the weeds while keeping your grass safe.  We provide the results you need, separating weeds from your lawn and creating a beautiful, uniform space.  Green & Grow has the expertise to assure peace of mind when it comes to lawn weed control.  Our weed management services include both weed removal and a thorough fertilization to supply your lawn with essential nutrients and protection from weed growth during our series of six annual treatments for your lawn. 

  • Application 1 (Early Spring)
  • Application 2 (Spring)
    Pre-emergent and broadleaf herbicide
  • Application 3 (Summer)
    Insecticide and fertilizer
  • Application 4 (Early Fall)
    Broadleaf weed control and fertilizer
  • Application 5 (Fall)
  • Application 6 (Winter)

If you’re interested in having a lush, green lawn that is devoid of weeds, Green & Grow is ready to help.  Contact us and we’ll schedule a time to come out and assess your lawn and give you an action plan for waging war on weeds. 

For more information about our weed control service, contact us at www.greenandgrowlawncare.com