Lawn Weed Control Services


Green & Grow has years of experience providing customers with the best lawn weed control services in Central Kentucky.Locally owned and operated, Green & Grow has over 25 years of experience providing our customers with the best lawn weed control services in the greater Lexington area.  When it comes to controlling weeds on your lawn, our expert technicians can help.  We do pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control.

Pre-emergent weed control prevents many grassy type weeds from taking root in your lawn.  This is a time sensitive application and must be in place in the early spring.  Once applied, an invisible protective layer stops weed seeds from taking hold.  This will prevent crab grass and other grassy weeds from rooting.

Post-emergent weed control takes care of weeds after they have sprouted. Dandelions are a good example of a weed controlled by post-emergent weed control.  Unless weeds are extensive, we normally spot treat for these types of weeds. 

One size does not fit all when it comes to weed prevention and removal.  That is because weeds can either be annual (growing season is one year or less) or perennial (weeds continue over multiple seasons).  Generally speaking, annual weeds start with a seed brought into your lawn by a bird or the wind or by yourself.  These annual weeds can grow multiple times in one year.  Perennial weeds establish roots in your lawn and can last for multiple seasons.  Getting rid of them can be rough because they need to be removed entirely, including the full roots.

Generally speaking, weeds that show up on lawns fall into two main categories: broadleaf weeds and grassy weeds.  Broadleaf weeds generally have wider leaves and include things like dandelion, chickweed and clover.  While some broadleaf weeds may flower and look like pretty plants, that does not mean that they are not weeds.  The second type of weed is the grassy weed such as crab grass.  One of the problems with grassy weeds is that they grow under the very same conditions as regular grass grows.  Thus, it is important to talk to your lawn experts at Green & Grow on how grassy weeds should be treated.

Proper weed control at your home or business is absolutely essential if you wish to have a healthy, well-manicured lawn.  No matter where you are located in Central Kentucky, Green & Grow can visit your home or business and immediately put our lawn weed control services to work for you. Not only can we treat your weeds, our program prevents them from growing in the first place.  Green & Grow is continually testing new weed control products as they come on the market and will be sure to treat your property using the most up-to-date and effective methods possible.

Weeds in a lawn can quickly take over.  In time, you’ll find less grass and more weeds, if not dealt with properly.  Many weeds are not just prolific, they’re also not much fun to walk on.  Weeds can also be a sign that your soil composition is not what it should be.  If this is the case, Green & Grow might recommend a fertilizer treatment program.  With our lawn weed control services, the underlying cause of the weeds is addressed to promote healthy lawn growth in which weeds do not feel welcome.

If you’re interested in having a lush, green lawn that is devoid of weeds, Green & Grow is ready to help.  Contact us and we’ll schedule a time to come out and assess your lawn and give you an action plan for waging war on weeds.  Even though we recommend ongoing lawn weed control services for maximum effectiveness, you are under no obligation.

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