Lawn Weed Control


Since 2006, when it comes to lawn weed control, Central Kentuckys full service lawn care company is Green & Grow.Have weeds taken over your property?  There are a number of factors that can cause weeds to grow and multiply.  If you’re looking to preserve your lawn, you may need professional intervention.  Our lawn weed control specialist at Green & Grow can help.  Our knowledgeable team can implement lawn weed control methods to curtail the growth of unwanted weeds and prevent weeds from sprouting up in the future.

Weeds can ruin the appearance of your lawn and give it a neglected look.  Don’t struggle with weeds on your own when our professional team at Green & Grow can help.  We pride ourselves on providing excellent service and reasonable lawn weed control rates.

You want to be able to enjoy your lush, green lawn without unsightly weeds taking up your view and eating up your lawn’s nutrients.  That is why proper weed control is a critical part of having a great lawn that you can enjoy.  The more weeds you have, the less room there is for your lawn to grow.  Weeds spread throughout the lawn and can do serious damage if not treated the right way.  At Green & Grow, we offer effective weed control treatments for all types of lawns to eradicate weeds and help our customers take their lawns back. 

A lawn full of weeds generally signals several underlying problems.  Most weed problems are related to the topsoil’s health and condition and the vitality of the turf grass growing there.  Lawns extremely infested with weeds need something more than just lawn weed control.  Improving the soil should be at the top of the list.  This means regular fertilization, dethatching, regular aeration, adding top-dressing occasionally and over seeding the lawn at the appropriate time.  Soil problems usually fall into several categories:

  • Lack of soil nutrients
  • Soil compaction
  • Thick thatch layer
  • &nbInadequate water or too much moisture
  • Too much shade for the turf grass to develop

People have been benefiting from the lawn services that Green & Grow has been providing since 2006.  Green & Grow has the expertise to assure peace of mind when it comes to lawn weed control.  Our products are safe around kids and pets, so we can guarantee all-around safety during our series of six annual treatments for your lawn. 

  • Application 1 (Early Spring)
  • Application 2 (Spring)
    Pre-emergent and broadleaf herbicide
  • Application 3 (Summer)
    Insecticide and fertilizer
  • Application 4 (Early Fall)
    Broadleaf weed control and fertilizer
  • Application 5 (Fall)
  • Application 6 (Winter)

When it comes to lawn weed control, Green & Grow works hard to provide cutting edge technologies in fertilization and lawn weed control.  Over 25 years of experience have provided us with specific details and proprietary methods that make us a great lawn care company.  Green & Grow knows that getting rid of weeds can be a daunting task, especially if it’s grab grass, dandelions or if some of the other less known types of weeds have landed on your lawn.  When looking for lawn weed control in the greater Lexington area, look no further than Green & Grow. 

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