Lawn Treatment Services


When it comes to lawn treatment services, Green & Grow provides cutting edge service in fertilization and weed control.When it comes to lawn treatment services, Green & Grow works hard to provide cutting edge technologies in fertilization and weed control.  Over 25 years of experience have provided us with specific details and proprietary methods that make us a great lawn care company.  Fertilizing your lawn sounds simple enough, but applying the right mix of nutrients on the right schedule can be a balancing act.  When you want gorgeous, green results, you need expert help.  When looking for lawn treatment services in the greater Lexington area, look no further than Green & Grow.

Part of having an attractive home is having a well maintained lawn.  This means that you should have your lawn serviced regularly by the professionals at Green & Grow.  Proper maintenance is having your lawn fertilized properly. By hiring Green & Grow to fertilize your lawn, it will eliminate the stress that comes along with trying to do this type of job on your own.  Fertilizer is plant food to help your lawn stay healthy, grow strong and give it needed nutrients.  The soil provides some nutrients, but not all it needs.  Proper fertilization allows for deeper root growth and leaf or grass blade growth.  It also reduces weeds and helps the lawn recover from pest damage or environmental stresses.

As lawn treatment and fertilization experts, Green & Grow offers:

  • Custom fertilization plans.  We will tailor a fertilization plan and schedule that meets the unique needs of your yard.
  • Year-round service.  We can provide you with year-round fertilization and weed and pest control.
  • Natural fertilization.  Besides providing standard fertilization services, we offer our customers natural lawn fertilization as well that produces the lush, green results you’ve always wanted.

Green & Grow uses the best products and methods for maintaining your lawn that are safe for you, your children and your pets.  Weeds indicate the symptoms of a problem.  If you have weeds, your soil is out of balance and lacking in nutrient content.  Green & Grow has seen just about every weed that has ever plagued a Central Kentucky lawn.  With our extensive knowledge and experience, we are able to successfully control weeds with specially made herbicides and weed control treatments.

The professionals at Green & Grow know exactly when and how to fertilize a lawn properly.  We have a six application fertilization process that helps grass flourish year-round.  As the seasons change, grass encounters different obstacles such as drought, extreme temperatures and weeds.  Each of our six applications equips the grass to meet challenges while providing nourishment:

  • Application 1 (Early Spring)
  • Application 2 (Spring)
    Pre-emergent and broadleaf herbicide
  • Application 3 (Summer)
    Insecticide and fertilizer
  • Application 4 (Early Fall)
    Broadleaf weed control and fertilizer
  • Application 5 (Fall)
  • Application 6 (Winter)


The benefits of fertilization and weed control lawn treatment services:

  • Weed-free lawn
  • Increased drought tolerance
  • Lush, green appearance
  • Healthy root growth
  • Replenished nutrients and enriched soil
  • Disease resistant


Green & Grow offers comprehensive lawn treatment services.  The main component of our professional lawn treatment services is fertilization.   

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