Lawn Fertilizer Lexington KY


Since 2006, Green & Grow has served property owners in the Lexington, KY using top-notch products and fertilizers.When it comes to lawn fertilizer in Lexington, KY, contact Green & Grow, Central Kentucky’s full service lawn care company.  Green & Grow believes that a healthy lawn is a happy lawn and we provide specialized law fertilizer services to our customers.  Our regiment of assessments and applications of fertilizer are carefully formulated to bring out the best in all lawns.

Part of having an attractive home is having a well maintained lawn.  This means that you should have your lawn serviced regularly by the professionals at Green & Grow.  Proper maintenance is having your lawn fertilized properly. By hiring Green & Grow to fertilize your lawn, it will eliminate the stress that comes along with trying to do this type of job on your won.  Fertilizer is plant food to help your lawn stay healthy, grow strong and give it needed nutrients.  The soil provides some nutrients, but not all it needs.  Proper fertilization allows for deeper root growth and leaf or grass blade growth.  It also reduces weeds and helps the lawn recover from pest damage or environmental stresses.

At Green & Grow, we don’t subscribe to the one size fits all approach when it comes to lawn fertilization.  We get to know our customers’ lawns down to the molecular level, formulating annual treatment plans that are designed to address each customer’s specific lawn care needs.

Founded in 2006, Green & Grow is a locally owned and operated lawn care company that is committed to providing first-rate lawn care services delivered by knowledgeable and conscientious professionals.  As one of the premier lawn fertilizer companies in Central Kentucky, we know the benefits that come from having your lawn fertilized properly and regularly.  Specially timed applications of fertilizer are necessary for lawns to remain green and stay healthy.

For over 12 years, Green & Grow has faithfully served property owners in the region, helping to improve the look and health of their landscapes by using our extensive botanical knowledge and top-notch products and fertilizers.  Green & Grow adds fertilizer to your lawn as part of our custom-formulated turf care strategy, which involves 6 applications specially timed throughout the year to coincide with key points in your grass’ growth and dormancy cycles.  We also apply weed control to eradicate weeds that have taken root and prevent others from invading your lawn.

Proper lawn fertilization and weed control help your lawn with:

  • Thicker, greener turf
  • High-quality color
  • Fewer weeds
  • A healthier, more stress-resistant lawn
  • A heartier, more attractive lawn


Our lawn fertilizer treatments are tailored according to the needs of your lawn and the particular season.  Our team is professionally trained to identify and correct lawn problems, whether they are caused by poor soil or weed and insect infestations.  We have helped many homeowners realize their dreams of enjoying exquisite and well-kept lawns.  We also offer a convenient weekly maintenance service for mowing, edging and trimming as well as seasonal lawn care programs.  With the experienced lawn care technicians at Green & Grow, your lawn is in good hands.  Try us and experience great service.

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