Lawn Care Lexington KY


When it comes to lawn care in Lexington, KY, Central Kentucky’s full service lawn care company is Green & Grow.  We’re the leading provider of affordable and professional lawn care, lawn maintenance, grass cutting, landscape maintenance services, fertilization and weed control. We know that taking care of a lawn is a lot of work and it requires a lot of unique knowledge about grass, flowers, trees and shrubs.  For this reason, it’s best to leave all of your lawn care to the experts at Green & Grow.  In business since 2006, we have years of experience providing Central Kentuckians with beautiful, healthy, lush lawns.

Regular maintenance is the key to a healthy and attractive lawn and landscape.  Whether you need basic lawn mowing services or complete landscape maintenance, Green & Grow offers dependable, professional services.  We know that every client has a different landscape, needs and budget.  We pride ourselves on finding the best solution for you and your lawn care needs.

Locally owned and operated, Green & Grow is a full service lawn care company in Lexington, KY.  We work hard to create greener lawns at affordable prices so that you can relax and enjoy your weekends.  We’re passionate about exceeding your expectations in everything we do.  We do everything related to lawn care around your home.  We enjoy creating and maintaining healthy, happy and beautiful landscapes that last.

Keeping your lawn healthy begins with healthy roots.  From fertilizing to proper aeration and seeding, Green & Grow has the experience and tools to keep your yard looking great.  Get in touch with us for a free estimate.  For your satisfaction, we provide you with a wide variety of lawn care services for affordable prices.  Our team does it all.

Your home can be the masterpiece of the neighborhood when you work with Green & Grow.  Turning a faded, unappealing property into a landscaping gem has never been easier.  We work with you to understand your property needs and we always go above and beyond to ensure you are treated with the respect, care and support that you deserve as a customer.  At Green & Grow, our customers come first. Our lawn care specialists have the resources, skills and knowledge to handle any type of landscaping or lawn care challenges that you may have.  We are committed to taking your property to the next level.  You can rely on our experts to get the job done right.

When it comes to lawn care in Lexington, Kentucky, Central Kentuckys full service lawn care company is Green & Grow.Green & Grass provides the following lawn care services in Lexington and throughout Central Kentucky

  • Full service lawn care
  • Lawn mowing
  • Lawn and soil aeration
  • Lawn power seeding
  • Lawn mulching
  • Fertilization and weed control
  • Equine farm mowing
  • Emerald ash borer treatment
  • Mosquito control
  • Commercial snow removal

Regular lawn fertilization is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy, beautiful lawn.  Our lawn care experts have years of experience treating lawns of all shapes and sizes and will select the best fertilizer for the specific needs of your lawn.  When it comes to combatting weeds, the best defense is often a good offense.  This means keeping your lawn thick and healthy to keep weeds from having room to grow.  We have extensive weed control expertise and offer treatments to stop even the most aggressive weeds.

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