Lawn Aeration Service


Green & Grow recommends clients have their lawns aerated annually as it offers many important benefits to their lawns.If you’re searching for a company that provides professional lawn aeration service in Central Kentucky, then turn to the highly experienced turf management professionals at Green & Grow.  Founded in 2006, Green & Grow is a locally owned and operated business staffed by individuals who know exactly what it takes to help your lawn reach its full potential.  Green & Grow provides the most reliable service and produces the most consistent results.

Spring or fall is the best time to use aeration to enhance the development of a deep root system so that it can withstand drought, disease and insect stresses.  Lawn aeration may be used 1 or 2 times each season.  It is usually recommended for the spring and the fall when soil is moist. Not sure whether lawn aeration is in order for your lawn?  Simply perform the screwdriver test.  Just take a screwdriver and try digging into your soil.  If you can’t do it without a struggle, your soil is compacted.  You can look for poor growth and standing water as well.  Both are signs that grass roots aren’t getting what they need to thrive.

When your lawn gets a lot of use over the years, from kids, pets and party guests, the soil gets compacted, compressing and suffocating roots.  Likewise, thatch starts to build up on the surface, so nutrients and water can’t properly penetrate.  This all leads to weak growth and an unhealthy lawn.  The good news is that Green & Grow can stop compaction and thatch in their tracks, so your lawn can flourish year-round.

The lawn aeration process is simple.  It’s the process of insuring that air, water and nutrients get to the roots of your grass, allowing for a better exchange of nutrients.  Our lawn care technicians at Green & Grow use a specifically designed core aeration machine that bores evenly spaced holes in your lawn.  The cores of dirt and thatch that are removed are then deported on the surface.  These will decompose back into the soil in about a week, recycling their nutrients into the lawn. 

Yearly lawn aeration is a vital component of keeping your Central Kentucky lawn at its pinnacle of health.  If your grass is looking dull and lifeless, you may be in need of professional lawn aeration services.  Trust the experts at Green & Grow to get the job done right.  For over 12 years, Green & Grow has been turning dead and decaying lawns into plush paradises for homeowners to enjoy.  We use only environmentally safe products to treat your lawn.  Time and time again we have proven to be the best in the lawn care business and we are ready to show you why.

Green & Grow recommends all of our clients have their lawns aerated annually because it offers so many important benefits to your lawn:

  • Loosens soil
  • Helps roots to grow deeper and stronger
  • Enables fertilizer, air and water to penetrate the soil and get to the roots
  • Improves heat and drought tolerance
  • Produces a thicker, more vibrant lawn in the weeks and months to follow

Green & Grow has been dedicated to providing quality lawn care to residents throughout Lexington and Central Kentucky since opening in 2006.  Our expert technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques delivering optimum results with our lawn aeration and seeding services that you can count on.

Aeration is the key to getting your grass green.  Green & Grow is dedicated to providing top quality customer service to each of our customers.  Core aeration has proven to be one of the most essential processes in maintaining a healthy, thick lawn.  Following lawn aeration, Green & Grow will then overseed your lawn.  Contact Green & Grow and put us to work for you with our excellent lawn aeration service.  We pride ourselves on offering transparent pricing and a free no obligation quote, intended to bring you the best value in the area.